Safety First

Southeastern Construction Partners LLC Is Committed to Safety.
SECP is dedicated to maintaining the highest of safety standards on every job site. Our regard for the health and welfare of our employees is of utmost importance. Safety does not occur by chance, but is the result of careful attention to all company operations by those who are directly and indirectly involved. Employees at all levels must work diligently to execute the company’s policy of maintaining and safe and healthful working environment.

This will ensure the continuous improvement of our company’s performance. Strictly adhering to all aspects of our safety program will result in our reasonable expectation of returning each and every employee home safely at the end of the day.
Having both a strong safety culture and climate is vital in maintaining a successful safety program. Employees learn on their first day in our office that safety and health is paramount to our success and integral to our company culture.

This vision is reinforced through new employee mentoring, daily pre-work meetings, pre-task planning, employee reviews, and through the display of safe working practices carried out on the jobsite. Southeastern Construction Partners strives to foster a strong safety climate by consistently executing the practices and policies set in our Safety Manual, rather than leaving them in the office trailer. Consistency in Southeastern Construction Partners safety policy has led to a very strong, award-winning safety culture.
A critical component of our safety systems is our accountability program. Every employee is responsible for the safety and well being of their co-workers, subcontractors, and client assets. A portion of the annual review and compensation for management personnel is directly attributed to the safety performance on their jobsites. Consequences for individuals failing to meet our safety standards include safety hour deductions, time off without pay, and/or termination.
To further ensure the company’s commitment to the safety and well being of its company members, Southeastern Construction Partners provides rewarding incentives for working safely. The program is designed to motivate employees to work in a safe manner and also to recognize their achievements.
Many of our projects involve enhancements and additions to existing facilities. It is during these projects when our clients and partners see the full value of our safety program. We go to extremes to ensure existing operations are not disrupted and that employees are not affected by noise, dust, odors, fumes, and vibrations. Whether by working night shifts or starting early, Southeastern Construction Partners will not inhibit a productive work day for our clients.

We include clients from day one when phasing projects to make sure all of our tasks are communicated to the client’s management personnel to avoid potential surprises. We have hundreds of success stories where we have worked in our client’s facilities without interruption.
A jobsite is only as safe as those working in it. For this reason, Southeastern Construction Partners is committed to ensuring each and every employee is equipped with the tools needed to succeed and work safely from day one. With our recently revamped onboarding process, known as our Foundations Program, all new employees are given several hours of safety based training within the first 6-9 months on their tenure.

Those in management roles, or those who require task-specific or compliance based training, also attend training provided by industry experts or Southeastern Construction Partners safety professionals.
All project stake holders should expect a highly skilled and safe workforce. We will ensure a drug and alcohol free jobsite through pre-employment drug screening and random drug and alcohol screening, in addition to our subcontractor prequalification process. Any employee receiving a positive drug or alcohol screen will be removed from the project immediately.
Our subcontractors are valuable team members for a successful project. We will first prequalify them for a project to make sure they can meet a client’s expectations. From there on they will be included in our planning for a safe and productive jobsite. We are very firm with our subcontractors, but we have also been told many times that we are “fair” with them as we create value for them and our client/partner.

We are Fully Licensed, Insured and Bonded

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